Dugopolju priznanje za najbolji izložbeni prostor na sajmu Spalatum expo

The 2nd Spalatum Expo, a tourist destination festival and a souvenir fair organised by Spalatum D.M.C. took place at the Split Riva last week. During 7 days, the Spalatum Expo presented various tourist destination in the Split area, souvenir producers from all parts of Croatia, local gastronomy, national parks, resorts, ethno villages, and other projects, which are contributing to the sustainability of the tourism offer in the area.
(photos: Dugopolje tourist boards)
"The award for the best exhibition area received the Dugopolje tourist board, who presented their gastronomy offer - family farm Plazibat and a cultural program by the folklore group "KUD Pleter" Dugopolje (folk songs, "ojkavica", "gusle"). All that in an ambient designed by the idea of the local florists from Dugopolje Ivanka Smajo - a wooden house with ornaments and handicrafts of indigenous plants from the Mosor mountain. The fair was an ideal opportunity to present promo materials of the Vranjača cave - a protected geomorphological natural monument, as well as promotional materials of the neighbouring Klis fortress and the ethno-village Škopljanci from Radošić, Lećevica," said Tomislav Balić, the Director of the Dugopolje tourist board.

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