The Bad Blue Boys came to London in fewer numbers than the expected thousand fans, but it did not stop them from being the loudest.
Lighting flares at White Heart Lane might cause problems for Tottenham because EUFA has draconian punishments for organisers with oversights, while it is more lenient towards the club whose fans were the problem – in this case Dinamo FC. Although it is not the practice of English football fans and they condemn such behaviour, they exceptionally respect cheering during great defeat.
They don`t like flares, but love screaming their hearts out-.--.-The BBB show with flares
The Bad Blue Boys came to London in fewer numbers than the expected thousand fans, but it did not stop them from being the loudest group of the match and score points with home fans. Although Croatian media mention monkey chants “hu-hu-hu” after Huddleston goal, the English never mentioned it, which means it never happened, because it is a well-known fact that the Island reacts to any possible sign of racism – especially when Croats are involved.
What is more, the English media praised Dinamo fans for cheering their team on, but they also wondered: “Why scream your heart out when your team is loosing 4:0?”. They probably forgot about pride and loyalty to the club, regardless of the score, which they normally adopt as their home product, created at the same time as the game itself.
However, UEFA is harsh, flares are banned and the organisers will pay for it. The fine will perhaps not be too high, because nothing was thrown on the pitch, but their reputation will be tarnished and this hurts more than emptying the cash register. Dinamo, on the other hand, puts down payments before European matches, because only a few went by “for free”.
Reuters-.--.-Policemen frisk fans of Croatian soccer team Dinamo Zagreb in PragueEngland still hs problems with supporters
Lucky for Tottenham, UEFA will not consider the fans` behaviour during the match against Portsmouth, when they insulted “traitor” Sol Campbell (for transferring from the Spurs to Arsenal); outbursts against Stoke City, when they threw coins on the pitch or ran on the pitch after the draw at the Emirates. The FA Will tackle these cases.
There, and the media and various institutions call Croatian fans all sorts of names. The only thing cheering colleagues from England have to say about the BBB, concerning Tottenham and their fan scene, is brief and crystal clear: “Respect”.

 Vanja Deželić,
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