catholicismanew on April 13th, 2010
During this year in which we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the seer Jacinta Marto, many initiatives are being taken in order to help us contemplate the type of mystique that hides behind the spirituality and witness of little Jacinta.
In days 4-6 of July a national (Portugal) congress will happen on Jacinta Marto, on the aspect of suffering of the little girl. Jacinta is considered the seer among the three shepherd children that suffered the most.
This congress will have the title Jacinta Marto: The Meeting of Compassion and offers to be a good opportunity to address this message of Fatima from the spirituality of Jacinta and a form of knowing better the personality of this seer.

Not Thinking of Suffering as an Abstract
More than ever this year, we want to contemplate the foundation of this theme, already that we may contemplate a great number of persons living in the rubble of a time great tribulation, suffering and sorrowful series of consequences due to not knowing what to do with the suffering.
Speaking, meditating on suffering and the road that we may make in the direction of mature Christianity. It is not something abstract or subjective, but reality that suffering is part of the human cycle because of original sin.
We ask Mary in this time that she may lead us through the Holy Spirit of God to the true sense of sacrifice and of suffering that knocks at our door.
Our Lady of Sorrows, Pray for us!
Marcelo Pereira
Marcelo Pereira is a member of the New Song Community (Canção Nova) of Fatima, Portugal
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