ZAGREB, CROATIA – Independent candidate Josip Jurcevic on Thursday announced at a press conference his candidacy for president of Croatia.

Stressing that Croatia is currently in the process of a general, spiritual, economic and management crisis, Jurcevic emphasised the importance of upcoming presidential elections which should, by a candidate outside of the current ruling structure, mean the start of deep changes in the country and a cessation of negative social processes.

In order for something like this to happen, the precondition is to apply a model of pre-campaigning, a new model in Croatia’s electoral experience, Jurcevic said.

“Croatia needs new and fresh people”

- It is a model that would bring out one, joint independent national candidate in an objective and transparent way. This would prevent the unnecessary dissipation of votes and secure the victory of the independent candidate – he stressed.

Presenting his programme, Jurcevic said that the programme of the president of the Republic of Croatia is not and must not be a self-willed act, but is precisely determined by the Constitution and Croatian laws.

He said that a person does not become the president by just being elected to the position, but through responsible performing of presidential duties, in line with constitutional and legal powers.

- Croatia has all the predispositions to be a stable and safe community with successful, happy people capable of supporting themselves. But in order for it to become that, it is necessary to begin the process of profound institutional transforming and restore the confidence of citizens into management structures – he stressed.

Jurcevic said that new, fresh people who have already proved themselves with their expert, moral and socially responsible social actions are necessary for the new democratic paradigm.
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