Croat comes in second in ‘Sail Melbourne’ race

Croatian sailor Tina Mihelic came in second in the 35 Laser Radial class race yesterday in Melbourne.

The Australian city is hosting the first World Cup regatta for Olympic classes of boats, "Sail Melbourne," from 16 to 21 December.

Mihelic’s main rival, American Anna Tunnicliffe, was first. She won Olympic gold in that class.

After the race, Mihelic said: "I am satisfied with today’s race. In the first leg, I was in the lead, but we got mixed up near the end, and I lost my advantage when a New Zealand sailor distracted me. But, aside from that, everything was ok."

Croat Milan Vujasinovic from Split finished his Laser-class race in fifth place, and Croat Ivan Taritas from Zagreb finished his in tenth place.

Croatian Times

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