Bosnia is dysfunctional, says Dodik
26 October 2008 | 13:01 | Source: Beta, Politika
BELGRADE -- Republic of Srpska (RS) PM Milorad Dodik says a unitary and centralized Bosnia-Herzegovina is an idealized option that was the subject of war.

Milorad Dodik (FoNet)
Milorad Dodik (FoNet)

In an interview for Belgrade's Politika, Dodik said the tensions in the country, where war raged from 1992 until 1995, now come a consequence of "a systemic error, in other words, different concepts of internal arrangements".

"There are many who consider that the time has come for their concept of a unitary and centralized Bosnia-Herzegovina to win, which is nothing but idealizing an option that was at the heart of the war," he said.

Bosnian Muslim politicians, Dodik continued, are trying to achieve their war goal through stories of various reforms and strengthening of Bosnia's European capacity.

He quoted European Parliament official Doris Pack's who said that Bosnia has been "splendidly envisaged, but not functioning", as the best description of the situation in that country.

The RS premier believes that Bosnia is a divided country, and that no common denominator to gather all three peoples in it has been found to date, "while the foreigners who are trying to create something out of Bosnia to suit themselves remain the only constant".

Dodik also dismissed the idea that foreigners sacking local politicians could be a solution to the divisions in the Bosnian society, since, in his words, that problem would have been solved a long time ago, considering that many politicians, mostly Serb, have already been dismissed.

He also told the daily that the solution for Bosnia lies in international community representatives dropping their role of giving orders and arbitrating, and assuming one of advisory nature.

Dodik added that under such conditions, no nation would expect that the foreign factor would favor its political option.

"The domestic elites would have to accept a realistic, completely open dialogue on all the issues that are determining the fate of Bosnia and its three peoples," the RS premier explained.
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