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"The People decides" handed over petition

Izvor: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL The initiative, named The People Decides, to change election law which spent two weeks collecting signatures to formally request a nation-wide referendum on their proposals handed over their petition to the Parliament on Wednesday. Members of the group, some dressed in folk costumes and sporting Croatian flags, gathered on Wednesday morning in Zagreb's upper town, to walk towards St. Mark's Square, flanked on two sides by the buildings of government and Parliament. "We are here today because we won't give up on Croatia, on the country that Croatian soldiers gave their lives and health for. We know that Croatia could be a country in which people can earn a living by doing honest work. We know that Croatia could be a country to which Croatians who are abroad will return to," initiative organisers said in front of Parliament. They added that they expected the Parliament and the government to check the signatures within two weeks. According…