The Evolution of Marko 'Thompson' Perković and the Croatian People

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Summary: A musician evolves based on feedback from his fans. Marko did not push his patriotism but gave his fans what they wanted. The fans, Croatians in the Homeland and abroad, want to be proud of Croatia and its traditional cultural values. The people have elected Marko to be their representative and their voice. A politician / representative of the people should not attack the people through attacks on Marko.

There are many Croatian people that are very passionate about Marko Perković and his music yet there is also a small but very vocal group of anti-Perković protesters. Over the years various groups have prevented Marko from holding concerts and today Marko is still not allowed into Switzerland to sing.

Marko is popular and there is no doubt about that. Artists become popular because they produce something that the people want to buy. An artist does not create needs nor does an artist force his art. It is the fans that determine the status of the artist. I will propose that the artist is the mirror and voice of the people. Marko is popular because he represents and vocalizes the will of a large segment of the people. His songs resonate so deeply that one of his songs "Lijepa Li Si" has become an unofficial anthem!

When certain groups attack Marko they are not attacking just him but they are attacking each and every one of his fans. When they say that it is bad for Marko to sing his songs, they are also saying that it is bad to listen to the songs and to feel the feelings that are represented in those songs. An attack on Marko is an attack on people with pro-Croatia patriotic feelings.

There are certain groups that have an agenda to weaken Croatia. Marko is a threat to their agenda and for that reason they seek to destroy him, via social engineering, so that they can weaken Croatia.

Who is Marko and how did he become the artist that he is? Over the course of his career Marko and his music has undergone quite a transformation. This transformation can be easily seen in his album covers.


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Marko was a soldier during the Homeland War yet his first albums were predominantly about love of women rather than love of country. Look at the hair on the first three albums - how embarrassing in retrospect. The following is a listing of Marko's patriotic songs per album.

#1 - MOLI MALA: Only 2 out of 14 songs are about patriotism.
  • Jer, Hrvati Smo
  • Bojna Čavoglave (remix)

#2 - VRIJEME ŠKORPIONA: 5 out of 13 songs are about patriotism.
  • Škorpioni
  • Moj Grad
  • Anica-Kninska Kraljica
  • Povratak Bogu
  • Ljutu Travu Na Ljutu Ranu

#3 - GENI KAMENI: 2 out of 10 songs are about country.
  • Geni Kameni
  • Ima Nešto Vrijednije Od Zlata ( could be about women or country)

#4 - VJETAR S DINARE: 6 out of 10 songs are about patriotism or country.
  • Lijepa Li Si (smash hit)
  • Zaustavi Se Vjetre
  • Prijatelji
  • Crne Noći Bijeli Putevi (remix)
  • Ej, Haj, Pjesme Naše

#5 - E, MOJ NARODE: 10 out of 11 songs are about patriotism or country.
  • Iza Devet Sela
  • Geni Kameni (live)
  • E, Moj Narode
  • Zeleno Je Bilo Polje
  • Radost S Visina
  • Reci, Brate Moj
  • Moj Ivane
  • Stari Se
  • Lijepa Li Si
  • Neću Izdat Ja

#6 - BILO JEDNOM U HRVATSKOJ: All songs are about the Croatian Soul (religion, family, patriotism or country).
  • Početak
  • Dolazak Hrvata
  • Duh ratnika
  • Diva Grabovčeva
  • Moj dida i ja
  • Neka ni'ko ne dira u moj mali dio svemira
  • Lipa Kaja
  • Kletva kralja Zvonimira
  • Ratnici svjetlaDan dolazi
  • Tamo gdje su moji korijeni
  • Sine moj
Artists and musicians evolve over the course of their career reacting to what their fans like. As Marko noticed that the patriotic songs were more popular than the love songs he wrote more patriotic songs. Marko is therefore a product of the people and their voice.

There is a large segment of the young population that sees patriotism as a positive policy for the country and people. The desire of the people should be embraced and encouraged.

A politician / representative of the people should not attack the people.
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